Around four Lakh SEED BALLS were sprinkled last year in the Tirupattur district as an initiative by SRDPS to battle Global Warming. This event was kick started by Tirupattur Sub Collector Mrs. Priyanka Pankajam, IAS on June 5, 2018. Many Volunteers joined hands with SRDPS and sprinkled SEED BALLS.

SRDPS has sprinkled SEED BALLS in Yelagiri, Natraampalli, Thirupattur, Kudiyatham, Ambur, Vaaniyambadi, Chandirapuram, Pallikonda, We also distributed SEED BALLS to Lion's Club, District Legal Services, Vaaniyambadi and Tirupattur. SEED BALLS were distributed as return gifts by SRDPS in 3 marriage receptions. Awareness was created through many social workers,NGOs, Government offices have received SEED BALLS from us to sprinkle it in their areas and via Facebook.

2. Vizhithiru Kanne

The Sub Collector of Tirupattur, Mrs.Priyanka Pankajam, IAS ordered to conduct the mass awareness program among 85 schools in Tirupattur Educational district. The Sub Collector and the director of SRDPS Mrs.N.Thamizharasi discussed the emerging issue of increase in complaints on child sexual abuse and child Marriage in and around Tirupattur schools. By the order of the Sub Collector the extremely necessary awareness program was conducted. The objective is to get to know and analyse the struggles of the children who have no ways to open up about their difficulties and remain as victims under sexual abuse and child marriages. A complaint box was placed at every school campus wherever this campaign was conducted. The students can report sexual harassment they faced. Complaints received were handed over to sub-collector.


A rally kick started by the Collector of Tirupattur. was organized by SRDPS from The Collector's office to Sacred Heart College to create awareness about child and women trafficking and its preventive measures.

Rally participants - District Social Welfare Officer - Ms. Shanthi Vellore, Lawyer - Mrs. Sneha, Child Line Project Coordinator - Mr. Devendran, Sacred Heart College Family Welfare Consultant - Mr. Arul Das, All women 's Deputy Inspector - Mrs. Rani, Tirupattur police, Sacred College Social Work department students and many more.