Garment Stitching, Wire-Bag Making, Earrings Making, Anklets Making, Woollen Knitting, Recycling Waste Cloth Materials, Foot Mats and Decorative Items are taught through Vocational Training.

Vocational training from SRDPS, one of India's most esteemed NGOs, is incredibly beneficial for a variety of individuals. Our experienced trainers provide practical guidance that helps students learn the skills they need to have success in their chosen field. Notably, this training is especially helpful for those who lack education due to poverty or discriminatory practices. This can be particularly true for female members of marginalized communities such as widows, divorcees and unmarried women. Additionally, men who are seeking employment yet don't have any particular skill may also benefit from vocational training. Our NGO is committed to helping disadvantaged people overcome social issues like poverty and discrimination so they can reach their fullest potential.