Half Way Home:

The first stage is Half –Way Home. After staying in well protected Ujjawala Home the inmates may find the outside world harsh and unfriendly. In this Half-Way-Home 8 Victims are arranged to stay together in a rented building with basic amenities and safety, so that they gradually get integrated into the society. Ujjawala Project provides some money for their maintenance and they are expected to find job to earn money to meet their needs. Even at this stage effort to reconcile them with their family members are continued in order help them in re-integration.

The Second stage is providing seed money. This money is provided to start some selfemployment activity to earn a living using the skill they acquired during their stay in the Ujjawala Home or the skills acquired earlier. The others are encouraged to find a job for their living with dignity.

The third stage of re-integration is Transport and escort. In case of victims who do not know where their parents or relatives live, advertisements are published in the local language and in local editions. If there is a response to the advertisement, the rescued person is entrusted to them.

Otherwise, one of the Ujjawala staff escorts the person to the address or town and inquiries with the competent authorities and hands them over to their respective family or relatives. The fourth stage is to follow-up and networking. After re-integration 5 cases are followed up every year with two visits to ensure that they are well integrated with their families or communities and they are able to earn their living with a reasonably well paying job. Networking with NGOs and other humanitarian organizations are organized to provide the future follow-ups, if necessary.