Momentous Wedding:

Adding special colours to our service, a memorable wedding was held in our NGO. Three of our inmates got married and settled in family life. This forecasted that there can be a better life even for illiterates abandoned at their young age and who never dreamt a future.

Buvana and Lalitha are charming roses brought up in SRDPS. They lost their family when they were infants and were brought up in other homes and got transferred to our home few years back. Kabil Ram and Mohan Kumar approached us for the need of a spouse with a heart full of gratitude. These two young men are brothers with hearing and speech impairment. They were pure in thought and deed and of good character, more importantly were responsible young men. We planned to get them married to Buvana and Lalitha as these girls are good in family behaviours. Similarly Lakshmi was approached by Manoharan belonging to Thiruvarur and we decided to unite them with the help of District Probation officer of Vellore and Thiruvarur. They stood before the chart and worked with us for the medical check-up, home study and much more and gave us reports for all three couples.

These three couples were given adequate counseling and general advice by our Director, Counselor and the Government officers to help them lead a good family life. Post which the memorable weddings were celebrated on 06.07.2016 in the presence of the District officers, local leaders, relatives, and all our well-wishers. We couldn’t have completed the event without all their great support. All the three couples are leading a well settled, happy and peaceful family life, which is an inspiring example for our other inmates who once had lost hope on their future. All our inmates now have a new hope of a good future.