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Considering the serious problem of abandoning and surrendering of new born babies by their biological mothers, the Government approved SAA Project and issued a certificate to SRDPS on 22.10.2007 and initiated the programme on 04.01.2008 afterthe inaugural function attended by the Tirupattur District Collector.

SRDPS- SAA is run strictly under the guidelines laid by the Central Adoption Resource Authority, an Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, forthe In-country & Inter -country adoption. This adoption programme works in brief to receive new-born babies which are abandoned or surrendered by biological mothers/parents. These babies are treated with at-most care and provided with nutrition, medical treatment, clothing and hygienic environment by trained nurses and caretakers. They are then placed in sound families after conducting a thorough Home Study of prospective parents by fulfilling all the legal formalities as per the CARA guidelines. Under the New Guidelines of 2015 all adoption agency can do inter country adoption.

As of 31st March 2021, SRDPS has received 15 children through Integrated Vellore Districts. These babies are received from Social Welfare officers under the Cradle Baby Scheme District Child Protection Unit (DCPU). All of them were produced before the Child Welfare Committees. Some babies were diagnosed with health problems like Low Birth Weight, Development Delay, Speechdisabilities, Absence of Ear lobes, Kidney, Anal hole, Blind, Mental Retardation, left Palate, HIV/AIDS, wound marks, Umbilical Hernia, Bites of Insects, Ants, etc., Urinary Incontinence, Brain stoke, Heart problem by birth-Epilepsy stage,Pre Malnutrition, lack of Vaccination, etc.

Total Number of babies received 15 (Female: 12, Male: 3)
Total Number of babies died 1
Total Number of babies Returned to Biological Parents 1(Female)
Total Number of babies Returned to Biological Parents 1(Female)
Total Number of babies given for Adoption 21 (Female- 15, Male - 2)

From 22.10.2007 till date; the home has received 280 abandoned and surrendered Babies. Out of which 169 babies were given for adoption after completing cases at the Sessions court, Tirupattur . Birth certificate and Judgement copy has been given to the parents, 17 babies have died due to health problems, 22 returned to their biological parents, 20 transferred to CWC. In 2019, 23 babies are under the care of our Specialized Adoption Agency.


The floor area for this project is 5500 sq.ft. The floor and the side walls up to 7 ft are tiled. There are 5 bathrooms, one modernized Kitchen with all necessary utensils, one counselling room, well ventilated and double protected Windows and Cupboards to store baby food, toiletries, etc.

RO system is setup to provide pure water for the preparation of paediatric food supplements like baby milk, and used for the purposes of washing feeding materials/articles. Induction Stove, bottle sterilizer and a cot for the cooks to rest are in place and UPS is installed for power.

The new-born baby’s hall has 8 cells to house the babies. The cells are equipped with a cradle, light, exhaust fan, etc. Of the 8 cells 3 are used to house the warmer, incubator and nebulizer and the remaining 5 cells are used as sick rooms for the babies.

In addition, a feeding room, medical room, air conditioner, medical equipment like Incubator, Baby Warmer, Phototherapy, Suction Machine, Oxygen Cylinder, nebulizer, etc., and one big medicine trolley with weighing machine and related accessories are provided. Above 8 months old babies are shifted to the next dormitory of the same size with bigger cradles.

21 Cupboards are fixed to stock new clothes for the babies. These facilities enables us to take care of 8 new-born babies at the same time. A play area with colourful toys and a slider has been specifically designed for the children to play.

On one side of dormitory 8-12 months old babies are lodged and on the opposite side 4 larger cradles with aluminium partitions, glass walls with sliding glass doors are fitted. In each of the two cubicles more than one-year-old babies are lodged. On the walls colourful stickers of animals, fruits, vegetables, natural scenery are stuck to draw the attention of the children. On the loft above; cotton stuffed earthen and wooden toys of gods, leaders, animals and any other images that draws the attention and curiosity of the children are placed in a row. The purpose is to stimulate the baby’s curiosity to learn.

There are 24 cupboards for storing clothes of daily use. Each child is provided with a cot, mattress, pillow, pillow covers, bed sheets, charts and other teaching and learning aids.

There is a library maintained with colorful books on topics like

Medicine Psychological behaviours Alphabet flash cards
Encyclopaedia for Children Children’s flash cards Nursery rhymes
Activity on science for children Alphabets & numbers Children’s activity
English writing Junior activity in geography Preschool collection
Master collections Preschool essentials for children Understanding moral stories for children
How can junior draw vehicles Nature & Animals Psychological view of children’s activities
Child psychology, child health and development Train child in mathematics by own, Kids activities Preschool masterpiece birds
Animals Origami Desk charts, etc.

Aids for the caretakers to learn and observe children.

DVDs with rhymes Stories in Tamil and English Language.
Notice board will display the JJ Act report copy, Menu and the instruction charts. Emergency protocols

The washing and drying Area has a spread of 2900 sq.ft. with sufficient water and detergent to wash the clothes of the children. On an average of 1000 napkins, 150 bed covers, 200 children’s clothes, etc. need to be washed, dried, folded and stored every day. In addition, the mattresses are disinfected twice a day. Whenever the child urinates or defecates, the sheet and napkins are changed and the baby is cleaned with antiseptic solutions to prevent infections.

Child Adoption online Registration:

CARA has given clear instructions that the registration of Parents for Child Adoption will be done on online henceforth. Visit the website to check the right options and provide the basic information asked for. When you submit the information, you will be given a user ID and password.

After this you will get a Prospective Adoptive parents registration number/user ID and password. This will help you for the future reference.