This program is administrated by the Ministry Of Women And Child Development, Government Of India. The purpose of this scheme is to attend to the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and medical assistance for women who are without any economic or social support. It also seeks to help them regain emotional well-being that's often impaired due to life-altering situations. Furthermore, it provides legal advice and aid as well as ancillary services that promote their rehabilitation into society with respect and confidence.

This residential facility is a 5500 square foot space equipped with 30 iron double cots to hold up to 60 inmates, as well as 52 security lockers for their personal items. It's outfitted with light fixtures, fans, and night lamps to facilitate comfortable living. Every inmate has access to a bedding set that includes a cot, pillow with covers, mat, towel and more. For leisurely pursuits, the Home provides television access and a mini-library filled with 1500 books covering topics like self-confidence and the art of living in addition to historical stories, education and health materials. Inside the premises are various indoor and outdoor games materials while fire fighting equipment is situated throughout in case of an emergency. Clothes like chudithars, sarees, blouses and petticoats are stocked on-site; accordingly these supplies have their own internal register managed by staff.