From January 14 to 17, the harvest festival of pongal will take place in Tamil Nadu. An important part of the Tamil calendar, this celebration pays homage to nature and its abundance throughout the past year. The festivities are kicked off by Bhogi on January 13 when people make a bonfire of Lord Krishna out of wood and cow dung cakes, ultimately burning their old and no longer needed household articles.

Then comes Surya Pongal - a day to bless the Sun God for nourishing us with his light and energy. After that there's Thai Pongal - often considered a favorable time for marriage - followed by Mattu Pongal which honors cows as they contribute significantly to farm work. Thus concluding with Kaanum Pongal - a day full of joy when families get together and greet each other with sweet dishes made from jaggery, rices, coconut etc.