Traditions and customs of Pongal:

The traditional Hindu festival of Pongal marks the beginning of the Uttarayan or the start of longer day-lengths. To honor this important occasion, families deep clean their houses and dress in traditional attire for the four days of celebration. Women typically wear sarees or pavada while men don angavastrams. Kolam is an essential part of this custom as it's made using rice flour paste, milk, water, or coconut water.

Pongal gifts:

Presenting gifts is an important part of Pongal celebrations. According to tradition, the exclusive gifts given on Pongal are known as Pongal padi or Pongal parisu. Popular traditional gifting options include any idol or image of Hindu sun god Surya, Bhogi Pongal (traditional decorative items) and wooden handicrafts or household items like utensils.